Tree Topping

Overgrown Tree Branches?

We don’t think about it often, but when trees aren’t properly maintained, they can be a hazard as well as a substantial liability. One sign of a tree that’s overgrown and needs trimming is when you see broken branches on the ground. If your tree is short, and its branches are drooping and touching the ground, that’s another reason for tree trimming.

When trees aren’t properly trimmed, overgrown branches can break and fall on a passersby. Branches can also break but not fall to the ground. Instead, they become entangled in your tree. Those kinds of tree branches are especially dangerous if they’re not tended to properly. During a storm event, high winds can dislodge those broken branches from your tree and turn them into projectiles that cause property damage or harm you, your family or others.

Proper annual maintenance of your yard’s trees not only enhances the astetics of your home, it also minimizes your liability from broken branches. It also helps maintain the strength of your tree during storms with heavy winds. A well-cared for tree is a safer tree.

MC-Hernandez has been providing tree trimming and tree maintenance to clients in Richmond and the surrounding areas for almost 40 years. We offer clients affordable prices and top-notch service while ensuring your satisfaction and safety.