Privacy Policy

MC-Hernandez Tree Service is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. By using our services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. This policy is an explanation of our data practices, and how it affects you.


We collect a very small amount of data necessary to provide you with the best service possible. Data may be collected via email or contact forms, and this data is strictly for internal use only. Anything collected will never be sold to any third parties. We comply with all state and federal laws, and your privacy is a top priority of ours.

Use of Data:

Some of our services require the use of your billing information for transactional purposes. Because we take your privacy and protection very seriously, we may ask for various forms of identity verification during the payment process. All bank and credit card information is processed only for billing purposes for any service you contract with MC-Hernandez Tree Service. We strive to keep all information safe and use secure browsing when possible. Users of our services may receive the occasional email from us, such as maintenance notices and/or our occasional newsletter,  but you may opt-out at any time.

Opt Out:

By default, users of all of our services may be subscribed to our maintenance updates and newsletter.  You may opt out at any time via the appropriate links provided in the emails.


Your web browser has a built in system that helps websites recognize your computer and online accounts via small text files called ‘Cookies’. Cookies are used to provide a seamless, personalized user experience. Although you are able to disable cookies via your web browser preferences, we recommend keeping them enabled on our website.

Policy Amendments:

We may amend this policy at any time and will always keep it posted on our website for reference. Any amendment supersedes all previous versions of the privacy policy. We recommend you check the policy regularly to stay current.

Contacting Us:

You may contact us at any time via our “Contact Us” page or alternatively via US MAIL:

11230 Mistyhollow Rd
Midlothian Virginia 23112
United States